How to block Spotify advertising on Windows and Mac

How to block Spotify advertising on Windows and Mac

Block Spotify Advertising

Removal of advertising

Spotify in the last period has provided for the blocking of the old mods that eliminated the limitations on Android, but immediately the modders created a new mod for Spotify, we have seen it inthis article.

On Windows and Mac instead there are no reliable mods like on Android, but it is possible to block all advertisements at source by modifying a simple file, the hosts file.

The hosts file blocks all connections to advertising services at the base, this allows you to use the Spotify service without having to listen to the announcements all the time!

How to edit the hosts file?


To modify the hosts file on Windows follow the steps below, I tried to make them simple and guided step by step, so that they could be executed by anyone:

  1. Copy this address  C: